Art Gallery #1 (Sept ’17)

I thought it’d be a great idea to set up this series on my blog so that I can keep everyone up to date on my work, share new pieces and get some feedback from you lovely people!

The month of September was a pretty transformational one for me, lots has been happening. We’re currently searching for a new place to live (exciting! but stressful), going through all our belongings and getting rid of unnecessary things, and I’ve started numerous new projects!

september art gallery

Here are my completed pieces of the month:




This is a poster piece I created that was inspired by a blog post I came across on Pinterest (a great read if you’re interested), and I thought it’d make a great art piece/ poster! It was actually a fun way to learn more about crystals while creating.

Also, if you subscribe to my mailing list you can get a JPG file of this beauty for FREE! (usually £15 for a print)

And if you’d like any more info on crystals and where to start, check out my beginner’s guide.


‘FLOAT’: 2 framed originals


These 2 pieces were actually inspired by the frames! I discovered them while out shopping and immediately started imagining what would look good in them. I love the colour combination and how the watercolour and the flowing lines suggest the same kind of fluidity as the carving in the frames.



IMG_20171009_121739_405coming out (2)

I LOVE this one! I made a very last minute decision to take a look at the Inktober 2017 prompts while I had some time and see what I would come up with. The prompt was ‘shy’, and I feel like I thought a little outside the box which I’m proud of, but mostly I love this because of the colour. I love the vibrancy and the contrast of the rainbow mandala she’s holding up (representing her sexuality) and the black and white of the rest of the piece.




All but one of my mandalas are inspired by crystals. Red jasper has been a stone I’ve connected with for as long as I can remember. It’s been my power stone for years and I’m always wearing some kind of jasper around my neck. I procrastinated creating this for so long! I wanted to be sure it would be beautiful and perfect, and I’m really happy with how it came out.




This was a piece that I saw an image of in my head and knew immediately what I wanted it to look like and how I wanted to create it. I love the colour and unusual patterns. I’m sure I’ll be creating more of these swirly moons!


If any of these pieces stood out to you, let me know! I’d love to know what your favourites were or hear any feedback you have.


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